Mission Statement

Ocelli — Connecting timeworn problems with 21st century solutions by embracing openness, frugality, modularity, and collaboration.

Core Principals

The software world has evolved at lightning speed because of openness, competition, and collaboration. We support these efforts and the push to implement the same principals in other aspects of technology, including hardware and the Internet of Things.
We give back. Whether it’s with local meetup groups or civic engagement, we're always looking for new avenues to help build a stronger, vibrant, and diverse community. Some of the groups we actively support are Indy Open Study Hall, IndyIoT, IndyPy, Indy Open Hardware, and Indy Open Brigade.
Agile has changed how business is done and React has changed how software is built. This is by leveraging small, compose-able, reusable components. We endeavor to support established and emerging systems harnessing this philosophy in the IoT industry.
With ever-changing technology stacks, tactics to ward against and eliminate security risks also need to constantly develop. We commit to using common-sense and trusted technologies and procedures to reduce these risks.
Solutions Focused:
We don’t build technology for its own sake. We strive to understand the problem and work toward a specific end goal. By connecting the right team with the right information, we are able to iterate toward the right solution.
Human Friendly:
Our team is made of real people and we treat them like worthwhile human beings. We are each accountable to each other, and respectful of the separation of our jobs and our lives.
*Heavily influenced by GitLab's Values.